What does a Dentist do?

You may brush your teeth and floss everyday, but that is not all it takes to complete your dental hygiene routine. You can scrape your tongue, scrub your teeth, and get all particulates out from in between your teeth, but to have a complete professional clean you have to see a Dentist in Carmel IN. You might see a Dentist for cleaning, examination, professional consultation, disease treatment, or screenings. The services offered will depend on the Dentist, but it is crucial to have someone in your corner who is advocating for the health of your teeth and gums.

Dental Services

  • X Rays- X rays will help your current and future dentists record your mouth over time. They will be able to record the depth of cavity and tooth decay, observe the roots of your teeth, and get a general sense of the ergonomics of your mouth. This is a service which will be useful for the life of your teeth.
  • Examination- Dentist will observe your teeth, gums, and underneath to detect areas with plaque and tartar buildup. They will record areas of dental decay and diagnose and monitor treatments. They will be able to gauge the level of responsibility you take for your dental health, and suggest what changes you can make. They will also look for signs and symptoms of long term complications or disease.
  • Screenings-Your Dentist can check for any early warning signs of cancer or other long term mouth diseases in your tongue, mouth, tonsils, throat, or neck.
  • Cleaning- The big one. Such a huge benefit of modern dentistry, there is nothing that feels quite like having a professionally clean mouth. It is common to just rub your tongue past your teeth, because it is bizarre to have them feel so free of debris and plaque. Dentists can scale and polish your teeth with a paste, or treat with a fluoride varnish. Your teeth will feel like a porsche freshly waxed at the car wash!
  • Repair Teeth-This is what Dentists do! Teeth can be repaired with application of a sealant, bonding with a crown or cap, multiple teeth can be repaired with a bridge, and new teeth can be added with implants. Any problem you are having with your teeth can be solved by discussing options with your dentist. Make sure you ask them about what materials will be used and what your options are, being informed is a huge part of autonomy in your healthcare.

This list of services is far from exhaustive, you may also see specialized Dentists. You may discuss options like braces or more corrective services, or complete dental replacement like dentures. You may have a dentist that you can consult with about dietary options and restrictions, to limit discomfort with acidic foods, for example. Overall the idea of a strong Dentist is to have someone who is savvy in caring for, and treating, your gums and teeth. You want someone who will help solve your issues, and also coach you through an effective dental hygiene routine.

What To Expect at a Dental Visit?