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Lumineers are a wafer-thin porcelain shell that are designed to fit your teeth perfectly.

Lumineers are a wafer-thin porcelain shell that are designed to fit your teeth perfectly. Each Lumineer is bonded to the front surface of one of your teeth, covering any visible flaws on that tooth. As a result, when you smile, all that you really see are the Lumineers instead of your natural teeth.

The conscientious and patient staff at Northside Dental share a common philosophy and that is to treat you as a person first, as a patient second. We embrace the value of your lifestyle, your overall health, comfort, time, anxiety levels, your smile, and your budget. We will work diligently with you in the development and implementation of your personalized treatment plans. We also consider our entire team as an important part of your overall health program team. Call us today at 317-848-9838 to schedule your appointment or stop in at 15026 Greyhound Ct. Carmel, IN 46032.   

LUMINEERS can completely and permanently transform your smile in just a few dental visits. The treatment is completely needle-free and totally painless. The porcelain LUMINEER itself is as thin and unobtrusive as a contact lens. Northside Dental places LUMINEERS without shaving or grinding away any healthy tooth enamel, so you can improve your smile and preserve the health of your teeth at the same time.

We will work diligently for you in developing and implementing your personalized dental treatment plan.

We consider ourselves part of your team in your overall health program. Call us today at 317-848-9838 to schedule your appointment, fill out an online form, or stop in and say hi at 15026 Greyhound Ct. Carmel, IN 46032.   

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The Cosmetic Benefits of Lumineers

Lumineers are one of the most popular solutions for repairing damaged enamel. Lumineers, and the more well-known dental veneers, are most often used to replace enamel on your teeth that have become stained or simply do not have the whiteness they once did. Lumineers, like dental veneers, are an extremely thin strip of porcelain that is placed over your natural teeth. These ultra-thin strips of porcelain can cover your teeth and make them look like there is absolutely no damage, no stains, and that they are perfectly formed and shaped. For this reason, Northside Dental uses Lumineers for the following reasons:

  • To close and cover gaps in between your teeth.
  • To alter the size and shape of your teeth so that they are symmetrical.
  • To cover and hide dark stains from discolored enamel.
  • They make your teeth look uniform.
  • Will give you a bright and healthy smile.
  • To cover a chipped tooth.
  • To correct the look of crooked teeth.
  • Improve the look of unevenly spaced teeth.

Lumineers are quite unique in that they are approximately 0.2 millimeters and highly translucent. This allows them to replicate the natural appearance of your teeth. Another benefit of considering Lumineers, is that they are durable and remain resilient, lasting sometimes over 20 years. This can be much longer than other dental restorations.

Choosing Lumineers versus Dental Veneers

You may ask us why you should consider Lumineers over the more common dental veneers. Our answer to this question is relatively simple. When you have dental veneers placed, it is necessary to remove the very top portion of your dental enamel to make way for the veneers. What you are essentially doing with dental veneers is removing the naturally occurring enamel so that they can lay flat without making your teeth appear overly large. The challenge with this process is that veneers will permanently alter your teeth. Once your enamel is gone, you will always need a dental restoration to protect them. Sometimes this procedure can also be uncomfortable and that discomfort can last for days. It is also important to note that the more naturally occurring enamel you have, the healthier it is for the overall longevity of your teeth. If you decide to use Lumineers, over the more commonly used veneers, you are choosing a treatment that is less invasive and will allow for your enamel to remain intact. 

The Process of Receiving Lumineers from Your team at Northside Dental

Once we have decided together to improve your smile with Lumineers, we will run through the procedure with you. The procedure to get your Lumineers will consist of two visits to Northside Dental. The first visit will be our initial consultation, at which time we will make impressions of both your upper and lower teeth as well as some necessary measurements. We will send this information to our Lumineers dental laboratory along with photographs and other dental records that you can provide. The Lumineers are then created on-site using your specific measurements to make sure that they fit perfectly and look completely natural. Unlike traditional veneers, you will not need any local anesthetics administered, so no shots are required to remove the enamel. Also, you will not have to wear unattractive acrylic temporaries. The first visit to Northside Dental is more consultative and getting the correct impressions to make sure that your Lumineers fit perfectly. Simultaneously, we will review the color palette together and some additional factors to make sure that once your Lumineers have been fitted and bonded into place, they look exactly the way you intended them to. This final step will take place at your second, and final, appointment.

It is important to remember that your Lumineers will function exactly the way your natural teeth would. There are no dietary restrictions, and it is imperative you maintain your at home oral hygiene habits. Brush your teeth twice daily, floss once daily, and continue to visit us twice a year for the proactive preventative exams. Your Lumineers will last years with your proper care.

Your Comfort and Your Care

The preventative approach and measures we take for your total dental care are the biggest benefits when choosing Northside Dental. We will always set your appointments to work with your busy schedule. We will also efficiently focus on making sure your appointments are quick and go smoothly. Our collective office goal is simple and that we want to be your destination for all your preventative dental needs. We look forward to improving your smile and the opportunity to assist you in constantly maintaining your oral health with good preventative care. We always work at each visit in retaining your trust with our clinic. Call us today at 317-848-9838 to schedule your appointment or stop in at 15026 Greyhound Ct. Carmel, IN 46032.   

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