Full and Partial Dentures
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Full or partial dentures are dental prosthetics that replace your missing teeth.

Full or partial dentures are dental prosthetics that replace your missing teeth. This tooth restoration is quite customizable and can be fabricated resembling your natural teeth. They are not attached to the mouth, so they can be easily removed when desired. This allows you to remove your dentures for cleaning, and when you go to bed at night.

The caring and family friendly staff at Northside Dental share a common philosophy and that is to treat you as a person first, as a patient second. We embrace the value of your overall health, comfort, time, anxiety levels, you budget, and your family’s lifestyle. We will work with you and your family members in the development and implementation of personalized dental treatment plans. We also consider ourselves as an important part of your overall health program team. Call us today at 317-848-9838 to schedule your appointment or stop in at 15026 Greyhound Ct. Carmel, IN 46032.   

Fitting dentures focuses on restoring either unsightly or missing teeth back to a natural looking, aesthetically pleasing condition. Northside Dental can achieve this goal using several different procedures, all tailored to your unique treatment plan. We will attempt to preserve as many of your natural teeth as possible, to achieve a natural looking restoration, while maintaining or improving your surrounding bone and gum tissue.

We will work diligently for you in developing and implementing your personalized dental treatment plan.

We consider ourselves part of your team in your overall health program. Call us today at 317-848-9838 to schedule your appointment, fill out an online form, or stop in and say hi at 15026 Greyhound Ct. Carmel, IN 46032.   

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Are You a Candidate for Either Full or Partial Dentures?

Dentures are for you if you have lost the majority, if not all, of your teeth. With dentures you can chew your food, speak more clearly, and smile once again without being self-conscious.

Possibly due to receding gums, severe tooth decay or even an accident, your teeth may need to be extracted. If this is the case, dentures might be your first or even best option.

If you are experiencing any of the following situations you may be a perfect candidate for denture treatments:

  • You are missing the majority of or all your natural teeth.
  • You are experiencing severe tooth decay requiring multiple extractions.
  • There is a lack of jawbone integrity and density for dental implants.
  • Your gums are receding due to your age or gum disease.

The Difference Between Full and Partial Dentures

Basically, there are two main types of dentures: full and partial.

Partial dentures will help to fill in gaps where your teeth are missing and can attach to natural teeth to hold them in place. This is done with the help of clasps that allow you to clip your partial denture into place. While they are held securely in place, they can also still be easily removed. With your partial dentures you will be able to bite and chew your food easier, and the force of your bite will be distributed more evenly. They will also be made to match your remaining, natural teeth. This will allow you to continue to smile without anyone even noticing a difference.

Full dentures are needed when there are no natural teeth remaining. These are also sometimes referred to as standard, or traditional dentures. They are held in place with suction and some dental adhesive, instead of being held in place with the help of other teeth or the jawbone. They do not allow for the same support as other teeth replacement options, they do still allow for chewing and speaking. They will also help to keep your facial muscles in place, so they will not sag over time.

While your dentures are being custom fabricated, Northside Dental will fit you with some temporary dentures. These are useful for after teeth extraction, until the healing process is complete. Once your healing is complete, your standard dentures will be created and placed.

The Full and Partial Dentures Process

The process of getting dentures can be multi-faceted and will begin with a consultation at Northside Dental about your teeth replacement options. If your surrounding teeth and jawbone are healthy, other replacement options may be more advantageous. If dentures are indeed the best or only option, we will decide together.

The first step of having your dentures placed is taking dental impressions of the arch to be restored. This will involve Northside Dental taking an impression of the remaining teeth, for partial replacements, and gums to have the appliance created that will fit your specific arch. We will measure the bite of your teeth using wax rims. This will help the dental lab to gauge how to best form the dentures to match your bite.

Now we will discuss your custom teeth options. This can be exciting, because it allows you to create the smile that you may have always wanted. This will include the shape, size and even shade of the teeth. For artificial teeth that replicate your natural teeth, consider bringing in pictures to show us. We will also have your dental records on file.

Once the proper measurements are taken and the teeth are customized, the information will be sent to the dental lab to have the dentures fabricated. When they are completed, we will walk you through a trial fitting. This is when we can introduce minor adjustments for your final fitting.

The final fitting allows your team at Northside Dental to ensure that the changes that we have made to the fitting are perfect. If you are unsure about the fit of your set of full or partial dentures, we can schedule a follow-up appointment.

Proper Care for Your Dentures

Dentures are not your natural teeth, but they should still be cared for as if they were. This means keeping them always clean. Soak them overnight every night and brush your gums. Keep your gums healthy, as well as any remaining teeth if partial teeth replacements are placed.

Dentures will allow you to smile big, chew and speak. They will also boost your self-confidence and self-esteem.

Your Comfort and Your Care

Your preventive and proactive family dental care is part of the biggest difference when choosing Northside Dental. We will do our absolute best to schedule your appointments when it is most convenient for you. We will also focus on working together to make sure your appointments go both quickly and smoothly. Our goal is quite simple, that is to be your destination for all your dentistry. We enjoy the opportunity to assist you in maintaining your oral health with good preventative care. As you enter our office, we will welcome you and earn your trust. Call us today at 317-848-9838 to schedule your appointment or stop in at 15026 Greyhound Ct. Carmel, IN 46032.   

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