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Planning and Scheduling Treatment

Dr. Neff will customize a dental treatment plan that will meet all your dental needs. Before you leave the office, your treatment plan will be explained in detail by Dr. Neff and her team. Dr. Neff welcomes any questions you have about your treatment plan and loves to educate her patients. After having your specific clinical questions answered by Dr. Neff, our treatment coordinator will greet you and present you with your customized treatment plan. Our treatment coordinator is skilled in discussing dental insurance coverage for treatment and payment options. After your treatment plan has been presented, we will escort you up to our front desk coordinator and they will schedule your appointments. We will send you an appointment reminder via text and will provide you with an appointment card with the date and time of your future appointment.

Limited Problem Focused Exam/Dental Emergency

If you have selected this option while scheduling, then only a specific problem or area of the mouth will be examined. 

Dental Examination

of the area of concern

Dental Radiographs

of the area of concern

Possible Same-Day Treatment

Please indicate when scheduling if you are wishing to receive same-day treatment and we will schedule you accordingly.

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Examination and Cleaning

Cosmetic Services

Emergency Dentistry

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