What to expect at a Dentist Visit

When you are headed to a Dental appointment, you may feel a little nervous. It was a common joke in sitcoms and movies of the 90’s that people were scared of their Dentist. Some visits could bring pain or discomfort. Dentistry has advanced a lot in the past 20 years though, and especially for routine checkups and cleanings, there is nothing to fear.

Arrival and Forms

Once you arrive you will be greeted by a Dentist, Dental Assistant, or receptionist. They will probably ask you to fill out some forms, and maybe provide an insurance card. Then they will bring you into a sterilized room and set you up in the chair. You may be asked about family and personal health history, this is to give an overview during examinations. Certain health risks or history of health risks will provide a list of things for your dentist to look for signs. If you were a smoker, for instance, they Dentist and Assistant will check for signs of decay, damage, and any sort of mouth sores or gum disease.


You can expect a full examination after any health conversations, and potentially x rays. While getting x-rays is not a particularly “fun” experience, it is relatively harmless and painless. You may have to clamp your teeth down on some plastic, or you may have to endure a gloved finger in your mouth, and you may have to don a led apron. It is also super beneficial to have a record of your teeth on hand for a picture of your dental health overtime. The Dentist will also be able to see the exact sizes and specifications of the teeth in your mouth if anything needs to be replaced down the line. During examination your Dentist will check for any signs of tooth decay, cavities, gum recession, cleanliness and hygiene. They will probably recommend a change to your dental hygiene routine, like flossing more or brushing after every meal. Then you will have a chance to ask any questions you might have, or voice your own concerns. This is your chance to demonstrate a little autonomy and talk about your personal goals for your dental health.


Then comes the best part, a cleaning! The Dentist will use a small mirror to examine under the teeth and gums for problem areas. The Dentist will then use a combination of Scaler and other dental apparatus to remove any sort of plaque or tartar build-up. They may also use a high powered electric toothbrush and special toothpaste to remove any hard stuck grit and stains. This will clean your teeth and protect the health of your gums, while also eliminating some problems like bad breath. The whole process may smell a little, because the stuff they’re scraping off is not good for business, and terrible for your teeth and gums. After the scraping a deep cleaning is done, they may floss your teeth and go over brushing and flossing procedures again. They may end with a mouth rinse, or a fluoride varnish. If you or your child are younger, they may offer you a flavored fluoride, try the bubblegum!
No matter what, the Dentist is your friend. You both want a healthy mouth, and they do not want you to experience any pain. If you are feeling anxious or concerned, talk with them, they will work something out to put you at ease whenever they can.

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