Night Guards and Mouth Guards
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Night Guards and Mouth Guards are dental appliances that can be recommended for a variety of oral health issues.

A mouthguard or night guard is a protective device or appliance for your mouth that covers the teeth and gums to prevent and reduce injury to the teeth, gums, arches, and lips. An effective mouthguard is much like wearing a helmet for your teeth and jaws.

Night Guards and Mouth Guards are dental appliances that can be recommended for a variety of oral health issues, the most common being if you suffer with TMJ/TMD or Bruxism, teeth grinding. Mouth guards, which are suggested if you engage in sports or intense physical activity, tend to be more affordable and do not require a prescription. Night guards are made in a dental laboratory and are custom designed for your unique bite and mouth.

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Mouth guards and night guards are both effective methods for preventing damage to your jaw, teeth, and overall oral health. You will find that the common symptoms associated with TMJ/TMD or Bruxism will subside by using a mouth guard or a night guard. Those annoying symptoms are headaches, chronic jaw pain, and a general feeling of restlessness caused by disrupted sleep.

We will work diligently for you in developing and implementing your personalized dental treatment plan.

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Are You a Good Candidate for a Night Guard?

If you have been experiencing any of the symptoms just mentioned, contact Northside Dental now to see if a mouth guard or a night guard will help you. While it may be tempting to order a guard online, the best approach for treating your TMJ/TMD or Bruxism is having a guard that is customized to your jaw, teeth and addresses your needs.

Should You Consider a Mouth Guard?

Mouth guards should be used by anyone, all ages, who play contact sports such as football, basketball, soccer, ice hockey, lacrosse, and field hockey. Even if you participate in a noncontact sport, such as gymnastics, and any recreational activity, such as skateboarding or mountain biking, that might pose a risk of injury to the mouth, you will benefit from wearing a protective mouth guard.

More Information on TMJ/TMD

TMJ/TMD and Bruxism refer to oral health ailments that can develop in your jaw and face that are usually characterized by having headaches, pain in your jaw, or teeth grinding. If left untreated, these disorders can result in serious damage occurring in the jawbone and surrounding teeth.

TMJ (temporomandibular joint) connects the temporal bones of your skull to the jaw and is responsible for your jaw being able to move side to side and up and down. When this jaw joint becomes injured or inflamed, symptoms can range from pain, headaches, numbness in the face, ringing in your ears, or a jaw that becomes locked or difficult to open.

TMJ disorders are typically classified into the following three categories:

  • Myogenous TMJ problems: The most common type of TMD, Myogenous TMJ disorders involve muscle related pain and result in discomfort in the temple, jaw, shoulders, or neck. Often treated with Nightguards and BOTOX® treatment.
  • Jaw joint generated pain: This pain is caused by internal derangement of TMJ, which can be the result of an injury to the condyles, displaced disc within the TMJ, or a dislocated jaw
  • Degenerative joint disease: Caused by other issues like rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis

The exact cause of TMJ/TMD is unknown, but several potential contributing factors include:

  • Injury
  • Stress
  • Arthritis
  • Bruxism
  • Dislocation of the Cushioning Disc
  • Genetic predisposition

More Information on Bruxism

Bruxism is a condition that is characterized by the clenching, gnashing, or grinding of your teeth. Bruxism can occur while you are awake or while sleeping. If you have sleep bruxism you may have related issues such as sleep apnea or snoring.

Some common signs of bruxism include the following:

  • Headaches
  • Jaw Pain
  • Hearing Loss
  • Fractures or Loose Teeth
  • Worn teeth

The Different Types of Night Guards and Mouth Guards

  • A Soft Night Guard- The most common type of night guard for Bruxism and used for mild cases, not for severe teeth grinders. They are the most comfortable fit of all the night guards, the most adaptable and easy to get used to and lower in cost. 
  • Dual Laminate Night Guards- This type of night guard for Bruxism is for moderately severe teeth grinders. They are soft on the inside and hard on the outside. They handle heavy clenching and grinding, and are longer lasting.
  • Hard Night Guards- These are made from acrylic and are extremely rigid but durable. They can be used for very severe cases of grinding, as well as TMJ. These are the most durable, they prevent your teeth from shifting. These are made from an accurate dental impression, are the thickest option and are the most uncomfortable.

The Fitting Procedure for your Night Guard or Mouth Guard

Personalizing the fit of your night guard will depend on the brand. Here are the examples of night guards for Bruxism:

  • One-size-fits-all. There are over-the-counter mouth guards you can buy that will not be custom fitted. These will work only if you are an occasional teeth grinder.
  • Boil and bite. With these you just boil in water and bite into it to leave your own impression. 
  • Made in a lab. You can get mouth guards from Northside Dental. These offer the most accurate fit because they are made with your impression in our lab. We strongly recommend you consider this option. 

If you believe you may suffer from Bruxism, it can easily be treated with night guards. It is always best to see us at Northside Dental to see if we can discover the primary cause and address that before seeking other treatment.

Proper Maintenance

It is important to perform regular cleanings of your mouth guard or night guard every evening. First, always wash your hands. Once your hands are clean, you should rinse the guard immediately and then brush the guard using toothpaste and a soft bristle toothbrush. Once cleaned properly, place your guard on a clean surface and allow it to dry. Once dry, store your guard in a proper case. It is also important to avoid sugary foods or beverages or smoking while wearing your guards.

Your guards should last you a long time, but it will need to be replaced over time. Be sure to bring your guard with you to your dental appointments so we can inspect it for any significant signs of wear and make sure that it is still fitting properly.

Your Comfort and Your Care

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