How often should you go to the Dentist?

All over America people are missing their Carmel Dentist Indiana appointments. Sometimes they get scared and don’t go, and sometimes they simply forget. Dentist usually schedule a next appointment at the end of a session, or they give you a rough idea of when they would like to see you again. Overall, you want to go the the dentist, before you need to go. You do not want to wait for pain or discomfort or gum bleeding to decide you should see someone. So when you should go to the Dentist depends on your mouth and your medical needs. The most important part is to go, talk with your Dentist, and find out when they would like to see you again.

Twice a year

The go-to rule is to see your Dentist once every 6 months, or twice a year. Some people go substantially less than this, but this is a good place to start. Regular checkups and cleanings can help prevent tooth decay, plaque buildup, and disease. The name of the game in dental health is prevention. The first step is making sure you go, and then making a plan for the next time. Some say the twice a year “rule actually started from an ad, but it has held true as a good starting place. Two times is better than one, and one time is better than none.

Reason why you should go more often

If you are pregnant, diabetic, prediabetic, or have a history of dental decay or gum disease, it is recommended you go more frequently.

  • Pregnancy- Pregnancy can make you feel like your teeth are “looser” due to hormonal changes. People used to say that you lose a tooth “with every baby.” Overall, if you lose a tooth while pregnant, it is probably a sign of preexisting dental health issues. Pregnancy can also lead to gingivitis. If you are experiencing morning sickness, vomit can cause stomach acids to do additional damage to your teeth. Your Dentist could also recommend more frequent cleanings, and advice to assist in your baby’s development during your pregnancy, like eating more nutrients during your baby’s teeth development.
  • Smokers-Smokers need to be checked regularly for signs of permanent staining or yellowing of teeth. They should also be cleaned more frequently and scanned for more serious gum and tooth disease.
  • Diabetics/Prediabetics- High glucose levels in your blood will lead to high glucose levels in your saliva, which is shown to increase plaque buildup. Make sure you cover your entire health history with your Dentist so they are aware and keep a watchful eye on tooth help and plaque buildup. Diabetics are also more prone to periodontitis, thrush, gingivitis, dry mouth, and “oral burning.” Your Dentist may recommend more frequent cleanings to prevent plaque buildup
  • People with preexisting Gum and Tooth disease- Once the durability of your gums and teeth is tested, it may become easier for infections and decay to present themselves again. So you will want to speak with your Dentist about a plan of attack to prevent further incidents.

The long and short answer is, there is no magic number. You need to go to the Dentist as often as you need to go to the Dentist. You may have a preexisting condition, or you may have a recent development that causes your Dentist to decide 3 times a year is ideal. You can talk with your Dentist about steps to take in your hygiene routine to lessen the need for more frequent visits, or you can enjoy having professionally clean teeth more often.

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