Holistic Dentistry

Holistic or Biological Dentist Carmel IN takes into account the entire health of the individual in relation to their dental health. The goal is still the same, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of oral and dental disease. The treatments still might involve traditional dentistry, but different routines or materials to protect the entire health.

How did Holistic Dentistry come about?

We might hear about problems with fluoride, which is an ultra abundant chemical in the earths crust. Fluoride can lead to death or fluorosis in abundance, and each person’s tolerance is different. People have died after ingesting 4g of fluoride, and people have survived ingesting 120g, so toxicity is relevant. However the idea behind Holistic dentistry is natural and non-reactive to the body, so why bother micro-exposing your body to such risks.

There are also problems with Amalgam in fillings. Amalgam can be up to 50% mercury, a chemical which is known to have serious health effects on the human body. The character of the “mad-hatter” is based on a man who is poisoned with Mercury. Using Amalgam in fillings causes semi-routine exposure to the chemical during fitting, bonding, and cleanings.

Exposures outside of the office

There are also concerns of exposure via buildup on metal dental instruments in your dentist’s office. Moreover, Holistic dentistry is concerned with health in our bodies and in the world around us, and there is concern that some of the harmful chemicals used in dentistry and as a byproduct of, are not disposed of properly. By negating the consumer demand for these products, holistic dentistry hopes to do good for our bodies, and good for the earth, by halting production of these products.

Oral health and your overall health

There is evidence that oral health has a causal relationship with certain complications. Diabetics frequently have gum disease, and a higher chance of developing periodontitis. Periodontal disease is shown to affect people’s ability to regulate blood sugar, a huge complication with diabetes. Poor dental health and gum disease are linked to depression and anxiety, as well as bad breath and halitosis, which can reinforce low esteem and feelings of isolation. There is even evidence that oral infections can exacerbate respiratory problems, and gum disease in pregnant women with low birth weight. Important to note here though, that pregnant women and diabetics are more prone to gingivitis and gum disease, so the presence of them does not automatically mean that there are larger problems. Consulting with a dentist about you concerns, and being informed, is the right first step to prevention of bigger problems. Your Dentist and you are working towards the same end, so use them as a resource.

Digital X Rays

Holistic Dentistry opts to use materials that are biocompatible and non-reactive. Some holistic dentists refuse to do root canals do to long term effects associated with exposure. X Rays are performed using a digital x ray machine to limit any effects or exposure to radiation. You do not need to be a holistic dentist to use a digital x ray, consult with your dentist about what level of radiation you can be exposed to during x ray.

If you enjoy the connection between spiritual, mental, and physical health in relation to your overall health, holistic dentistry may be a really positive option for you to explore. It certainly cannot hurt, because the whole idea is to do what feels natural and right in order to prevent long term disease and complications due to exposure. Consult with your dentist about holistic options and contact your insurance to review coverage.

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