Will an Emergency Dentist Extract Tooth

Will an Emergency Dentist Extract Tooth?
Dental emergencies include problems such as: tooth fractures, tooth loss, mandibular fractures, trauma to the lips, tongue and cheeks, gum pain, objects stuck in the teeth and trauma to the mouth region in general. Oftentimes, due to severe infection or pain, your tooth might need to be removed. If this is the case, an emergency dentist will be able to extract your tooth; it is a service most dentists offer. But what are the main emergencies and how to treat them?
We know that, depending on the case, the pain can be unbearable, taking away sleep and concentration from those who feel it. To remedy the pain before going to the dentist, rinse your mouth with warm water. In case of swelling, use cold compresses on the outer side of the cheek.
Tooth falling out
If it is a baby tooth that falls out before the stage in which it was expected, it is necessary to take the child immediately to the dentist’s office. Permanent teeth, on the other hand, can be reinserted into the gum, right after cleaning them with water. But beware: you must seek professional help within the next 30 minutes for this action to have some efficiency!
Broken tooth
When we break a piece of the tooth, fragments of it are usually left in the region. Carefully clean it using warm water. Look for a dentist to do the restoration as soon as possible.
Foreign body between teeth
If any object gets stuck between your teeth, you need to be careful not to cause serious injury or break the tooth, depending on the material stuck and what you use to try to remove it. Before going to the dentist, you can try to remove it with a dental floss, passing it gently. Do not use any pointed or sharp instrument to remove the foreign body!
What to consider when choosing a clinic?
In some cases, hospitals provide support for emergency dental care. There is also the possibility of contacting your dentist or the clinic you trust and requesting guidance regarding care. If neither your dentist or any nearby clinic offers emergency care, we recommend searching for one near you and familiarizing yourself with its location so that you are able to find it in the case of a real emergency!
Next, we selected some important tips that the patient should consider when choosing a dental clinic.
Company history
The first tip is to research the unit’s history, look for references, talk to people who already use the service, access the website and social networks and see the clinic’s reputation in its market. This brings more security in your choice and helps in the search for a serious company committed to quality service.
Expertise of professionals
Check which is the network of professionals working in the company, if there are different specialties and treatments available, as well as the level of qualification. These are just a few important factors to consider when you search for a dental clinic. Make sure that you are being attended by dentists with enough experience and technical knowledge, capable of solving and treating your problems.
24-hour service
Finally, it is extremely important to verify that the dental clinic has a 24-hour service. Generally, this type of care is offered only for emergency situations.
As you can see, the dental emergency occurs in any situation where the patient feels pain, discomfort and suffering in his oral cavity. It includes pain in the teeth, gums, cheeks, bones in the region and tongue. Emergencies require prompt treatment. The patient needs a quick consultation so that the dentist can help relieve discomfort or minimize damage to the structure of the mouth.