What is the Cost of a Dental Bridge

What is the Cost of a Dental Bridge?
Fixed partial dentures, known as fixed bridges, are used in dentistry to replace missing teeth and create a bridge connecting adjacent teeth (neighbors) to the space left by the missing tooth. The bridge is an element that aims to rebuild or replace damaged or even lost teeth. With this, the aesthetics of the smile is returned to the patient, in addition to contributing to improving food chewing. There are two types of bridges, fixed and removable, and the cost of your treatment will depend on which type of bridge you use.

What is the movable bridge

A movable bridge, also known as a removable partial denture, is a prosthetic device. It is made from metal and acrylic, and aims to replace the aesthetics of the teeth, in addition to chewing – effects caused by the absence of one or more teeth. In general, the removable bridge is a less expensive option for teeth replacement than a fixed bridge. A removable bridge can start around $1,200, whereas fixed solutions can start around $2,000.

When the movable bridge is indicated

The movable bridge is indicated for patients who have missing teeth, but who have healthy natural teeth to support the fixation of the metallic staples that are present in the movable bridge.

Main contraindications of the movable bridge

Dental prosthesis is not always a valid option. It is largely contraindicated in situations where the remaining teeth do not allow treatment with the mobile bridge. That is, when they do not offer the necessary stability for fastening the staples. In that case, the mobile bridge can compromise healthy teeth.

What is a fixed prosthesis?

A prosthesis is a type of prosthetic device that has the function of replacing one or more teeth with other artificial ones. Fixed prosthesis is a type of dental prosthesis that is fixed on implants or, in the case of a bridge, on the remaining structure of some teeth. In addition, the fixed prosthesis has greater stability than the removable prosthesis, and thus tends to be more comfortable than the removable prosthesis. Therefore, the fixed prosthesis is a way to replace missing teeth without giving up comfort and without running the risk of the prosthesis falling out at inappropriate times.

The fixed bridge is a type of partial fixed dental prosthesis, so it serves to replace one or more teeth. However, unlike the removable dental bridge, which needs teeth on alternate sides for fixation, the fixed bridge needs the missing teeth to be adjacent. This is necessary due to the fact that the fixed dental bridge consists of adjacent prosthetic teeth. It usually consists of two dental crowns that are fixed over implants or remaining pieces of teeth and have artificial teeth between them. Thus, it receives the name of bridge because it has fixation at the ends and a part between the fixation points.

The artificial teeth that serve as supports are called abutment teeth, and the teeth between the supports are called pontic teeth. This type of prosthesis is cemented over implants or tooth remains, thus making it impossible for the patient to remove it, hence its fixed prosthesis characteristic. Because this is a more labor intensive solution, it will be slightly more expensive than a removable option.

You cannot put a price on a great smile and good oral health. We recommend that if you are missing a tooth or a few teeth, you talk to your dentist about your options for restoring your smile and also about financing options for those services.