What is a Jaw Infection and What Does It Feel Like

What is a Jaw Infection and What Does It Feel Like?

There are a variety of reasons for jaw pain. Sometimes the reasons are obvious. You may have recently been in an accident, for instance. Other times, determining the issue can be more challenging. It could be due to stress, or even an infection.

What is a Jaw Infection?
A jaw infection is an infection that starts in a tooth and moves downward. It starts with something simple and common—a cavity. If this cavity goes untreated, though, your tooth may become infected. Over time, this infection moves its way down to the jawbone. This is extremely serious and needs to be addressed immediately.

Symptoms of Jaw Infection
There are a few symptoms you can look out for to see if your jaw is infected. These include:
* Redness
* Swelling
* Drainage of pus
* Pain in the jaw or mouth
You should know already that something is wrong. Your tooth infection will hurt, and the pain will get worse over time. It’s best to address your toothache and not wait for it to spread to your jaw. If you do, though, and you notice the symptoms above, seek the help of a dentist immediately. It will only get worse on its own.

Other Reasons for Jaw Pain
Thankfully, jaw pain isn’t always a result of infection. There are other reasons why your jaw may be hurting. Some of these issues are relatively simple to resolve. Other reasons for jaw pain include:
* Poor jaw alignment
* Injury
* Stress
* And more
You’ll find that some of these reasons for jaw pain can be treated easily at home. Still, you should set an appointment with your dentist when you notice jaw pain so they can take a look. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Avoiding Jaw Pain
There are a few things that you can do to treat and even avoid jaw pain entirely. These include:
* Wear a mouthguard. If you are playing sports, a mouthguard is a must. If you are experiencing jaw pain and discomfort in the morning when you wake up, purchase a mouthguard for sleeping. You may have bruxism, which is grinding and clenching your jaw in your sleep.
* Reduce your stress levels. Many people clench their jaws when they are stressed. This can cause pain and soreness over time. If you have stressors that you are able to remove from your life, removing them can help. You also may want to consider meditation, exercise, yoga, and calming breathing techniques.
* Visit your dentist regularly. By visiting your dentist often, they can catch the issue quickly before it progresses.
* Seek treatment quickly. As soon as you start experiencing jaw pain, set an appointment. This allows your dentist to resolve the issue before it worsens.

Reach Out to Your Dentist Today
If your jaw is in pain, reach out to your dentist today. They will check your teeth and jawbone to see what the cause of the issue is. They will then treat your jaw pain.