What is a Bar Retained Overdenture

What is a Bar Retained Overdenture?
A bar retained overdenture is a restoration option if you need the replacement of all your teeth in either the upper or lower arch. Tiny dental implants are surgically placed in your jawbone and are then connected to a small bar that supports the overdenture appliance. The overdenture itself is removable, but the retaining bar is permanent and remains attached to the implants.
The implants provide outstanding support for this prosthesis, and they also help prevent the jawbone from shrinking, atrophying, and density loss from the lack of tooth root structure.
This is a remarkable benefit if you struggle with the lack of support, stability, and security that comes with traditional dentures.
The Ongoing Problems with Traditional Dentures
The bar attachment denture is an innovative restoration that has dramatically influenced the way dentists approach replacing a complete arch of teeth. A conventional denture is an unsecured appliance with documented limitations. This traditional restoration just rests on your gums and is secured with dental adhesive. Conventional dentures are quite often unstable, uncomfortable, and inconvenient. These traditional dentures often make biting and chewing foods challenging, often restricting the foods that you have enjoyed. They also slip when you speak, making talking challenging too.
How Does the Bar Attachment Overdenture Work
The dental industry has seen numerous technological advancements, and the most impactful has been the introduction of the dental implant. The dental implant is now considered the new gold standard for tooth replacement. This also includes the hybrid approach adding the bar attachment denture implant supported dentures. The bar attachment denture treatment concept restores a complete arch with an appliance supported, stabilized, and secured by just four dental implants. With fewer implants necessary, your overall treatment time and your costs are reduced.
The unique bar attachment denture also delivers superior stability in the jawbone, reducing the necessity for any bone graft surgery to maintain or increase jawbone mass. A temporary appliance can usually be placed on the same day as the implant surgery. These temporary teeth will allow you to continue your normal life immediately after the implant surgery. After a brief healing period, your dentist adds extensions or abutments to the implants to reach the gum surface and then attaches the bar on exposed tops of these extensions. The natural looking bridge with your custom artificial crowns’ snaps onto this bar, which allows removal at your convenience. Your quality of life is dramatically improved, and you can again enjoy your favorite foods with no restrictions or reservations.
The Bar Retained Overdenture Offers You Many Advantages
* A cost-effective solution- Your new restoration will require only four implants for each arch. With fewer implants necessary, the cost is lowered.
* Faster treatment and healing time- Your replacement arch can sometimes be attached to your implants directly after the titanium implants are surgically placed.
* Reduced need for any bone grafting- The strategic, 45-degree angled placement of the two implants at the rear of your mouth ensures a stable and secure anchorage for the overdenture, eliminating bone grafting altogether.
This innovative restoration is scientifically proven and clinically well documented. The bar attachment denture is supported by successful outcomes from numerous studies over a decade with extremely favorable results.