How Much Does Invisalign Cost

How Much Does Invisalign Cost?
The cost of the entire Invisalign treatment depends heavily on the individual treatment plan, the number of aligners you use and the frequency of your follow-up visits. However, only your Invisalign practitioner can give you precise cost information. The price of an Invisalign treatment is usually between $3,500 and $6,500, with the upward and downward deviations depending on the degree of tooth misalignment. Compared to classic ceramic brackets, which adults often choose, Invisalign is even the cheaper option.
A treatment with the almost invisible Invisalign enables quick, painless and gentle correction of the position of your teeth. With the individually made and removable tooth aligners, the teeth are gradually brought into the desired position. Invisalign shells are absolutely inconspicuous when you’re wearing them and do not affect your everyday life. In most cases, treatment is completed in three to four months. Thanks to a planned treatment sequence with invisible and removable aligners, crooked teeth can now be brought into shape very discreetly.
For whom is this treatment useful?
The treatment is suitable for both adults and adolescents aged 16 and over. It is suitable for patients who are dissatisfied with the position of their front teeth in the upper or lower jaw. For example:
* Tilted and crooked teeth
* Nested teeth
* Turned teeth
* Close teeth
* Receding teeth
* Disharmonic dental arch
What are the advantages of this treatment compared to conventional orthodontics?
The aligners are custom-made with the help of the most modern 3-D computer technology and special software. They are made of elastic, high-quality plastic and, unlike braces, do not cause pain when worn. They are transparent, removable and practically invisible to other people. Also, because they are removable, they are optimal for the hygiene of your teeth, as you can brush and floss as normal.
What does the treatment process look like?
* The first step is to meet with an orthodontist that is certified with Invisalign. Your orthodontist will create models of your teeth, which will form the basis of your treatment plan. There, based on the dental situation, wishes and ideas, the entire course of treatment is calculated and determined.
* About two weeks later you will receive a trial splint and a model in our practice that shows what the teeth will look like once the treatment is complete.
* You will have the opportunity to calmly consider whether the treatment is right for you. Further treatment will only take place if you are really 100% satisfied with the wearing comfort.
* You will receive several splints, each of which will be worn for about 21 days. Every splint change is carried out by our dentist in the practice, the course of treatment is checked and, if necessary, corrected in close cooperation with the laboratory.
* After about three to six months, the treatment with your dream smile is complete!
As with all your choices for correcting your smile, we recommend that you speak with your dentist and your orthodontist about which one is right for both you and your pocketbook. It is also worth speaking with your provider about any payment options their office might be able to provide to help you get the smile you want.