Regular Exams

Exams & Cleanings

Your oral health is incredibly important. In fact, studies show that oral health is linked to a person’s overall health. 

The best way to care for your oral health is to take preventive measures. Specifically, schedule regular dental exams and cleanings – every six months is ideal for most people. Most insurance plans cover twice-yearly exam and cleaning appointments. 

Northside Dental’s only goal is to improve and maintain your dental health. Your semi-annual periodic exam will help us identify oral health issues early so we can choose the best course of action. Issues such as: 

  • Cavities (dental caries)
  • Gingivitis (gum disease)
  • Periodontitis (inflammation of the gums)
  • Halitosis (bad breath)

Your dental exam

During your cleaning and exam visit, our hygienist will review your charts and discuss your medical history, noting changes and updates. We’ll discuss lifestyle factors, such as smoking, that can contribute to dental health problems, and we’ll review your at-home tooth care habits.   

Here’s what to expect during your exam and cleaning:

  • Periodontal exam to look for signs of redness, inflammation, or anything that may indicate disease or need for extraction or specialized treatment. 
  • Restoration exam to ensure no adjustments or replacements to past work are needed. 
  • Full exam of your mouth, including photos. Your face and neck will also be examined.
  • Digital x-rays, if needed.
  • An orthodontic evaluation may be done to check your bite or bone structure.
  • Oral cancer check: Early detection of oral cancer is critical. Our trained eyes will look for signs of oral cancer or other diseases, including:
  • Red or white patches 
  • Lumps, swelling, or inflammation 
  • Difficulty swallowing 
  • Changes to your voice 
  • Hardened lymph nodes with stiff skin 
  • Lesions, sores, or anything else that looks or feels suspicious


  • We’ll remove plaque, stains, and tartar buildup. Home brushing alone cannot remove the hardened plaque, which is why the services of our hygienists are so vital.
  • Application of fluoride. We may prescribe a fluoride treatment depending on your age. Fluoride helps to strengthen the chewing surface.
  • Application of sealant, if prescribed. Sealants are generally for children, but some adults may benefit, too. 
  • We’ll finish up by flossing and polishing your newly cleaned teeth. 
Preventive care is part of the Northside Dental difference. Call us to schedule your exam and cleaning.